Monday, May 10, 2010

San Juan Slaying

I’d apologize for the delay in blogging about my adventure in Puerto Rico, but that’s life folks. Take it or leave it!

Oh yeah – it feels good to be back in the slayin’ saddle! The last trip may have been a bust, but Puerto Rico was hot!!

The archipelago looked like an oasis when I flew over it, surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water. White sand beaches, flowing green palms, and a warm tropical breeze greeted me when I disembarked the private jet. The hotel was posh and the people were friendly. But being enamored with San Juan only lasted until night fall.

Then, I went to work.

Two vampires were playing house in the old Spanish fort Castillo de San Cristóbal – St. Christopher Castle. The bloodsuckers had been hiding out there for several weeks, luring locals to the Devil’s Garita. An unacceptable practice in my book.

Apparently these creeps fancied meals of the male persuasion, so I had to work extra hard to lure them. My usual feminine ways eventually worked tho. They always do. It’s like I always say, vamps are suckers for sure things.

Needless to say, I gave them a ménage a trios unlike any they’d experienced before. Now they’re are blowin’ across the sea. The good people of San Juan are safe once again. For now.

I’ve been to Rio and Spain in the last week. Seven good kills added to my list, but jet lag that bites worse than a night crawler in summer.

It isn’t often I get a few days off to rest, so I’ll savor them. Then, it’s back to the good old U S of A. The next gig takes me to the American home of vamps – New Orleans.

Stay tuned . . .

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